Specialist Sports Facilities


Sports Surfaces

SELSports surfacing is specifically selected based on its robustness, permeability and aesthetics. In addition to this, all surfaces undergo stringent testing to ensure the surface complies with various sports regulations.

Water Management

SELSports have developed a range of designs incorporating specialist geocellular drainage units providing a consistent subbase that allows water to freely drain from the surface.

Ancillary Components

As SELSports is a division of SEL Environmental Ltd, a storm water management company, SELSports offer a range of in-house fabricated ancillary drainage components.

Sports Surfaces

Synthetic Turf

Perhaps the most popular surface used in modern sports facilities. There is an extensive range of synthetic turf available, with each turf suited for a specific purpose. A shockpad can be installed directly on Permavoid followed by the synthetic turf of choice. This surface supports a wide range of sports including, football, rugby, hockey, and tennis.


Polymeric Surface

Recognised and recommended by sport England as the chosen surface for running tracks, compliant with IAAF standards. Typically a wet poured ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) surface, sometimes referred to as synthetic rubber.



Natural Grass

A very simple but effective construction, with endless sporting uses. The natural grass can be installed directly on Permavoid with a shockpad and root zone. This creates a well-drained natural grass surface, usable all year round.


Equestrian Sand Surface

In the Equestrian sport, the moisture content of the sand fibre surface is critical. The ability to install equestrian surfacing directly on Permavoid allows the surface to be well irrigated, maintaining the optimum moisture content without flooding.


Water Management

Free Draining

The most simple sports constructions comprise a single layer raft of 150mm or 85mm Permavoid units. This creates a high capacity voided subbase which actively disperses surface water evenly before draining through rainwater outlets or naturally into the ground. This type of subbase drainage supports all SELSports surfaces, whilst offering incredibly efficient infiltration.


Rainwater Harvesting

The addition of an impermeable membrane and restricted outlet allows the Permavoid subbase to capture and retain large quantities of water within a shallow pitch construction. This can be used for rainwater attenuation or rainwater harvesting, as the 85mm Permavoid has the capacity to store up to 80mm of water across the entire construction. This type of subbase can be used for all SELSports surfaces.


Passive Irrigation

The most advanced sports drainage system is the Permavoid 85mm blanket with the innovative capillary action technology. Wicking cones and geotextiles actively transport water evenly across a concentration gradient vertically and horizontally. This means the water captured in the Permavoid subbase is used to passively irrigate the sports surface, creating an all-weather, self-conditioning sports facility. This type of subbase drainage is ideal for equestrian and natural grass sports where irrigation and moisture content is critical.


Edge Details

SELSports use a lightweight, prefabricated retaining edge detail for sports facility installations. A stainless steel retaining edge detail is used for facilities with a polymeric surface. A galvanised mild steel retaining edge detail is used for synthetic turf pitches. The edge detail is ideal for rooftop systems.


Ancillary Components


PVOD Components

SELSports offer a wide range of in-house fabricated standard ancillary components, specially designed to complement the SELSports Permavoid drainage systems.


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